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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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again with great pleasure welcome janet king to the stage. [applause] >> hello everybody. i have the great honor and privilege to introduce and to introduce karen harrison who is also receiving this award tonight. karen harrison is a registered nurse and clinic manager at the native american indian center in oakland and a member from a tribe here in california. she started out as a medical assistant in 1985 with the native american health center and went on to get her
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registered nurse degree so she's been with the health center for 27 years and 21 of those years she has been a registered nurse. [applause] karen has greatly contributed to the native american health center and sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the whole agency and this goes out to the community as well and serves as a chair on the advisory community and board member of the friendship house and coached american indian children in the tribal athletics program and known as the coworkers as the patient whisperer and when there is a patient that is angry or agitated she is always successful in calming them
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down. she is a mother and her with her family tonight. can all her kids wave? and she is here with her sister and lots of friends and now we're going to see a video about her. >> i am karen harrison. i'm the nurse manager at the native american health center and got into it as being a caretaker and grew up in a lot of pain and suffering because of who we are, where we come from, and so early on there needed to be caretaker caretakers. i think what we always needed in the communicate. >> >> and work is -- >> and community and work and mentoring somebody behind us and finding the young people that will be the up and coming leaders. it's hard to think of myself as a leader in the community because i am taught not to think about myself or
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brag about myself except in prayer. we pray for ourselves to first so we can be stronger to pull other people up, but to pay attention to myself goes against the way i was taught growing up. we don't brag about it. we just do it and that's our job and just do it. it's important to always do community work because we are teaching somebody without knowing and somebody is watching us and it keeps our community strong. [applause] >> thank you. thank you everybody. i made myself cry again just watching it, but thank kqmd and as i said in the
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video here it was really hard for me to accept this because i don't think myself and martha did convincing and remember there is always somebody watching. somebody young or old is watching and we have to carry ourselves in a good way because maybe somebody wants to be like us one day. i thank my co-workers for coming. i gave this little speech a couple weeks ago and broke down crying and i said two weeks ago those are my heroes. anybody that can choose to work in health care servicing the people you guys are my heroes. shirley is my hero. she is servicing people and i think that is my message. anybody that chooses to serve people you're awesome. you're all my heroes, and i think i
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just want to leave a quick little word of what a uncle told me this year is "what -- actually "what is hard is told us to go out everyday and live a beautiful life" and i think if we can do that it's a good world. it's a good thing. so thank you and i thank my family for dancing. that was awesome for me to see. thank you for coming out. thank you lisa for driving all that way and my co-workers -- like i said you're all my heroes and we came straight from work. [applause]
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>> one of the first times that the harrison family made it to city hall and they're not paying a parking ticket. once again congratulations to anacita, gwen, shirley, and karen. can we have all the other recipients of this pres tangibleious award -- please stand if you're able. okay. don't be shy gosh. again how about a big round of applause for all these standing. [applause] one of the greatest awards is to be honored by your community, by your own people, so again my hats off to all the recipients
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for this year. we give thanks to the native american aids proyektd, the mayor's office office of services, each bay health center, aqmd, the health center of santa clara valley and once again we applaud you and we thank you. [applause] going back over to our singers. smoky bay, two starts and a song -- one of your favorites and napsters two starts as well. dancers, do you want to come in? all right. here we go. make
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them dance. (drums). >> good singing. good dancing.
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here we go. rocking san francisco city hall. good dancing. all right. (drums). napsters take it away. two starts. all right. we would
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like to get the honorees. if
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the honorees could come up here by the first step. napsters if you could take care of this honoring song. here we go. (drums and chanting).
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all right. how about a big round of applause for all our honorees. thank you dancers. thank you singers. that
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concludes our program.
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